Information on Development

Q. Who is the developer?
A.The developer, Ocean Estate (Seychelles) Limited, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banyan Tree Resorts         (Seychelles) Limited, who have been operating Banyan Tree Seychelles for the past 7 years.

Q.Who has the responsibility for the development?
A. Ocean Estate (Seychelles) Limited is the developer and as such has the overall responsibility for the development         of The Ocean Estate. In addition hereto, the developer has appointed a team of international advisers to assist with         the development. This team of professionals include architects, project managers, environmental specialists,         engineers, surveyors, quantity surveyors, sales and marketing specialists, legal advisors and all other ancillary         service providers. These international contractors will work closely with local professionals who are fully au fait with         doing business in the Republic of Seychelles and who provide invaluable assistance to contribute to the overall         success of this development.

Q.Who is financing the development of The Ocean Estate?
A. The project is being financed mainly by shareholders’ equity. However, the developer has also procured project         and development finance from reputable financial institutions.