The Ocean Estate


Whether you’re in search of rest and rejuvenation or raw adventure, Seychelles offers endless possibilities for both, with a whole world of natural wonder existing just beyond your door.

Set sail around the islands and discover giant tortoises and green sea turtles. Dive into crystal clear waters and witness whale sharks, dolphins, coral reefs and over 900 species of fish. Take a trail through virgin forest and be amazed by rare birds and scenic beauty. Head for an uninhabited island by helicopter, or if you prefer to slow the pace right down, a day of pampering awaits at the luxurious Banyan Tree Spa, followed by a romantic moonlit meal served by your own private butler on the beach.

The range of activities include:

  • Deep sea cruises
  • Sailing
  • Sea safaris
  • Game-fishing and fly-fishing
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Helicopter rides
  • Nature walks and hikes
  • Swimming
  • Island hopping

Island Hopping:

With 115 islands to choose from, each one unique in terms of character and natural splendour, island hopping will become a favourite pastime. How else can you hope to experience the vast variety of scenic and cultural delights on offer here?

As the archipelago's main island, Mahé is perfectly positioned to explore the surrounding islands of La Digue, Praslin, Curieuse and others, as well as the world heritage sites of Vallée de Mai and Aldabra - be it by sea or air. Ferry services, chartered flights and helicopter transfers are available daily, meaning a complete change of scenery is never far away.

  • Aldabra Atoll (2.5 hours by air)
  • Anonyme (10 mins by sea)
  • Bird Island (40 mins by air)
  • Cerf (7 mins by air or 15 mins by sea)
  • Cousine (20 mins by air)
  • Denis Island (35 mins air)
  • Desroches (35 mins by air)
  • Fregate (20 mins by air)
  • La Digue (20 mins by air)
  • Moyenne (20 mins by sea)
  • North Island (20 mins by air)
  • Praslin (15min by air of 1 hour by sea)
  • Silhouette (15 mins by air or 50 mins by sea)
  • St. Anne (7 mins by air or 15 mins by sea)